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Grassroots Conservative Republicans Fight to Keep Delegates

Written By: John Nix  3/26/15

This is a follow-up article to one entitled “RNC Delegates May Be Lost To RINO Leadership” published March 21st in the Daily News Fix and in again in on March 25, 2015. This story deserves to be followed due to the hard work grassroots conservative republicans put into achieving a super-majority in NC.  As a recap, the delegate count for the Republican National Convention (RNC) will be reduced from the allotted (and earned) 72 delegates to a mere 12 delegates unless the primary in moved to a date after March 1, 2016.

More Background

The current NC General Assembly moved the date to February 16, 2015 during the last session when they instituted the Voter Information Verification Act or “VIVA.” (S.L. 2013-381). Whether unknowingly or not the consequences of that move have come to light since the RNC “Carve Out Rule” allow only four (4) states to hold Presidential Primaries prior to March 1st.  What we have been told is an early primary was intended to make the southern vote stronger by piggy backing off other southern states making North Carolina more relevant in the primaries.  There was also talk of states benefitting from increased sales tax revenues.

Reality Strikes

No matter the NC Senate leadership’s motive, RNC rules apply to all states. We are told that Senate leadership is seeking exemption from RNC rules in this application.  They ask, “Who are you to tell us when we can have our primaries”.  RNC rules are what they are.  The Democrats have a set the abide by too.  Another reality is that with only 12 delegates representing NC you can forget a significant increase in sales tax revenues because “they”, the media, free advertising, and the “dog and pony show” accessories won’t set up camp for 12 delegates.  So, the grassroots conservatives that worked hard to earn 72 delegates are now having to fight to keep them.

More Reality

One would think that by pointing out an obvious error in legislation, said legislators would be willing to fix things up right and admit a mistake was made.  After all, they do work for us, right?  But due to petty power struggles, untamed egos, and possibly an unsophisticated strategy to secure an establishment candidate during the primary, there is still pushback.

Ideal Scenario

The grassroots conservatives in this fight to keep our 72 delegates believe the date for the Presidential primary should be set for Tuesday, March 22, 2016.  Oklahoma is considering the same date which would keep North Carolina relevant, keep our delegates and set up a “Winner Take All” primary instead of “Proportioned” delegates. That way, when our sovereign state votes for their Republican candidate of choice ALL 72 delegate votes will be counted, not a percentage thereof.  Our statement will be made loud and clear. Talk about relevance!

What Can You Do To Help?

Call or e-mail your Senate and House representatives. Here’s a link to that information:

They need to understand that it is important to you to keep ALL our delegates.  Resolutions may be circulating at your local County GOP meetings. Be sure to vote YAY to support the resolutions reflecting March 22, 2016 for the Presidential Primary date.

And The Sign Says “Free Government Phone”

I got a tip from a friend about this and decided to do a little journalistic investigation. I interviewed a past participant who was gracious enough to give up his spot in line and explain, as an “Obamaphone” user, how this government giveaway works.  I was surprised to find out  by talking to some of those standing in line that they were very unhappy with the quality of their “free phone”.

My interviewee explained you had to have at least 2 forms of Identification (ID) to participate.  Watch and listen to his answer when I mention the irony of requiring ID for a phone but not to vote.  And his realization that Obama doesn’t pay for these phones….. is priceless.

RNC Delegates May Be Lost To RINO Leadership!

A Resolution has been circulating within NC GOP County Conventions with a number already passed. The resolution is to “Change the Date of the Presidential Primary to March 1, 2016 or later”.  Quoting the resolution: “the North Carolina General Assembly has separated the scheduled date of the Presidential Primary Election from other scheduled Republican Primaries for questionable purposes, which incidentally may cost North Carolina taxpayers millions of dollars to finance two Primary Elections in One Year….”.

The North Carolina Presidential Primary could be a decisive one and if it goes off as planned on Tuesday, February 16th our delegation to the Republican National Convention will drop from 72 delegates to 12 delegates. That’s a BIG deal! This is because RNC rules only allow four states a February primary.  Currently, they are Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada and South Carolina. The rule states “Any state that violates this rule by conducting a February primary will forfeit all but 12 delegates. There are no exceptions, and North Carolina remains out of compliance with this rule.”

So true conservative members of the NC Republican Party are lobbying the NCGA “to re-establish that all Primary Elections in a calendar year be confined to one date after March 1st, 2016.” The current NCGOP Chair, Claude Pope, has pushed for this, as well as, many hard working County Chairpersons, District Chairpersons and Executive Committee members. This is a crucial move, a must. The grassroots movement that worked to put these legislators in their current seats have worked too hard to see our hard work diminished in this way. Right now the bus isn’t moving, there has been no bill introduced to correct this obvious problem. Why is that?

It boils down to delegate control. Word has it that Senate leadership is halting any such
legislation from moving forward or even being introduced. Why? Because the votes of 72
delegates are harder to manage and control than 12 (hand picked) delegates. With
12 delegates there will be no brokered convention, no danger of a Tea Party candidate, or
Liberty-minded candidate screwing things up for the “Establishment” candidate. Reminds
me of the Talking Heads lyrics….”same as it ever was, same as it ever was…..”
So how can you help?  It won’t cost you a dime, only your time! Everyone reading this
blog needs to pick up the phone and demand this legislation be introduced.  Have you had
enough?  Do you want to see another Progessive POTUS take the lead?  Oh yeah, even
Republicans can be Progressives. I know a few.  Follow the money and you’ll find the
Call your House member and Senate member today! Here’s a link to help you find your
representative in the House and Senate:
Never surrender your rights, never give up, never shut up, and keep getting up! I’m John Nix and that was your News Fix!

Rafael Cruz ~ Faith & Politics

Senator Ted Cruz just announced his candidacy for President of the United States of America today, just after midnight, from Liberty University. I thought it appropriate to re-post this interview with Senator Cruz’s father, Rafael, a great man of faith, originally posted January 18th, 2015. I caught up with him at the South Carolina Tea Party Coalition Convention in Myrtle Beach, SC.

Obama’s Narcissism Leads To Political Retribution ~ Tantrum Puts Americans in Danger Once Again

“President Obama”. It’s hard to string those two words together in speech or on paper. After all, we have never seen this magnitude of blatant disrespect for the Constitution of these United States of America from any President in the history of our nation. What more could we have expected from the “Hope and Change” candidate? How naive are we? The Democrat zombies voted him in (again) and now he is our problem for two more years.

Recently, the Republican led Congress invited Prime Minister “Bibi” Netanyahu to speak on the House floor in a joint session of the House and Senate.  The President, the Congressional Black Caucus, and many Democrats rejected what they saw as a power play by Congress, a violation of protocol, and boycotted his speech.  Netanyahu pleaded with Congress for help in disabling Iran’s nuclear program.  The threat of nuclear annihilation by a radical Iranian government seems imminent to Israel. They have a clear understanding of the threat and are, by mere geographic location, in grave danger should Iran achieve nuclear weapons capability. The Prime Minister gave a rousing speech, more patriotic than any Obama has ever given. The President hasn’t been the same since and that’s dangerous.

After watching that speech, I wondered what action Obama would take as retribution for a Congress bypassing him to allow the Israeli Prime Minister to speak, a man he obviously detests. Netanyahu is a better leader and loves his country. Obama, on the other hand, forces his agenda, rules by fiat, and less than half of the US approves of the job he’s doing.  Of that half the majority are subsidized (purchased approval) so of course they approve of the “free ride” this Marxist POTUS promises.  Empty promises.  Obama has achieved nothing during his tenure. Instead, he has purposefully inflicted confusion and economic despair on all Americans, especially the middle class. He tends to rule rather than lead, is narcissistic, and won’t admit wrongdoings or apologize. A very dangerous combination.

So as retribution, a way to show Congress just how “powerful” he can be, he gave a speech on Iranian TV to the Iranian people telling them “another moment to pursue better relations between Iran and the U.S. may not come again soon”. This tit-for-tat action was directed at Congress. He said that if “Iran’s leaders don’t choose the right path, Iranians will remain isolated and deprived of global opportunities”. His deal asks Iran to cease and desist all work on nuclear weapons, is one that the President has constructed, has not been submitted to Congress for review, and is garnered on mutual respect and trust. And for what? They quit building bombs and we remove economic sanctions of course? Right….we can surely count on respect and trust from the Iranians. Laughable!

Netanyahu called Obama’s plan a “very bad deal”. Some folks you just can’t barter with.  Ayatollah Ali Khamenei is one of them.  They don’t think like we do and oil embargoes work because it hits them where it hurts. Reasoning with a mad man never works. We should have learned that over the last six years.

Never surrender your rights, never give up, never shut up, and keep getting up! I’m John Nix and that was your News Fix!

Written by John C. Nix ~ 3/21/15

Corrupt Obama Regime Tries to Oust Netanyahu

Obama pledged to you and the world he would stand with the Muslims first. He has followed through on that promise and will continue to do all he can to disrupt our Republic and dismantle American exceptionalism. Now he is corruptly and quietly funneling money to oust Netanyahu. The fight has only just begun and Americans, by and large, are not prepared for even the 1st round.