Obama’s Narcissism Leads To Political Retribution ~ Tantrum Puts Americans in Danger Once Again

“President Obama”. It’s hard to string those two words together in speech or on paper. After all, we have never seen this magnitude of blatant disrespect for the Constitution of these United States of America from any President in the history of our nation. What more could we have expected from the “Hope and Change” candidate? How naive are we? The Democrat zombies voted him in (again) and now he is our problem for two more years.

Recently, the Republican led Congress invited Prime Minister “Bibi” Netanyahu to speak on the House floor in a joint session of the House and Senate.  The President, the Congressional Black Caucus, and many Democrats rejected what they saw as a power play by Congress, a violation of protocol, and boycotted his speech.  Netanyahu pleaded with Congress for help in disabling Iran’s nuclear program.  The threat of nuclear annihilation by a radical Iranian government seems imminent to Israel. They have a clear understanding of the threat and are, by mere geographic location, in grave danger should Iran achieve nuclear weapons capability. The Prime Minister gave a rousing speech, more patriotic than any Obama has ever given. The President hasn’t been the same since and that’s dangerous.

After watching that speech, I wondered what action Obama would take as retribution for a Congress bypassing him to allow the Israeli Prime Minister to speak, a man he obviously detests. Netanyahu is a better leader and loves his country. Obama, on the other hand, forces his agenda, rules by fiat, and less than half of the US approves of the job he’s doing.  Of that half the majority are subsidized (purchased approval) so of course they approve of the “free ride” this Marxist POTUS promises.  Empty promises.  Obama has achieved nothing during his tenure. Instead, he has purposefully inflicted confusion and economic despair on all Americans, especially the middle class. He tends to rule rather than lead, is narcissistic, and won’t admit wrongdoings or apologize. A very dangerous combination.

So as retribution, a way to show Congress just how “powerful” he can be, he gave a speech on Iranian TV to the Iranian people telling them “another moment to pursue better relations between Iran and the U.S. may not come again soon”. This tit-for-tat action was directed at Congress. He said that if “Iran’s leaders don’t choose the right path, Iranians will remain isolated and deprived of global opportunities”. His deal asks Iran to cease and desist all work on nuclear weapons, is one that the President has constructed, has not been submitted to Congress for review, and is garnered on mutual respect and trust. And for what? They quit building bombs and we remove economic sanctions of course? Right….we can surely count on respect and trust from the Iranians. Laughable!

Netanyahu called Obama’s plan a “very bad deal”. Some folks you just can’t barter with.  Ayatollah Ali Khamenei is one of them.  They don’t think like we do and oil embargoes work because it hits them where it hurts. Reasoning with a mad man never works. We should have learned that over the last six years.

Never surrender your rights, never give up, never shut up, and keep getting up! I’m John Nix and that was your News Fix!

Written by John C. Nix ~ 3/21/15

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