False Narratives Masquerade As Facts

You hear the term “False Narrative” thrown around a lot nowadays in the media.  Conservative, liberal, and “apolitical” media outlets claim their “news” to be the best source of truth.  The Press has a hard time separating fact from advertising dollars and other hidden influences.  They purport to separate the meat from the inedible bone and gristle so you may consume the remainders, no questions asked.  Just trust them to report it straight, they say.

What is a “False Narrative” and why should you care?  A “False Narrative” is a story told falsely, a misrepresentation of fact(s) to satisfy an agenda.  POTUS Obama is the King of False Narratives.  The Press “walks on eggshells” and goes out of their way to protect the “first black President”, another false narrative.  Though he’s been involved in numerous scandals the Press insulates pertinent facts by reporting fiction (going for the emotional jugular vein, telling the story in a less damaging fashion)….. or not reporting at all.  Result?  Obama gets another free pass and it is repeated on a regular basis.  These tactics are used to protect members of “his majesty’s” cabinet, Democratic Congress members and  liberal organizations that might cross the proverbial line.

Warner Todd Huston describes it well in an article appearing in Breitbart February 27, 2012 when he states, “A false media narrative is established by the partisan press, politician adds said meme to a policy speech, presto-chango, a political “fact” is born. But it’s all just a partisan hit job masquerading as fact.”

Here are some examples of false narratives:

  • President Obama went before the United Nations and compared Ferguson to ISIS (the hands in the air False Narrative was allowed to continue for seven (7) months by Obama and  Atty. General Eric Holder) while Obama rode the emotional tide to pad and feed his own political agenda.  He is the master of the adage, “Never let a good crisis go to waste”.
  • Obama has pointed out continuously the “fact” that Osama Bin Laden was killed on his watch in an attempt to mask his ineptitude in fighting terrorism from Al Queda to ISIS.  Meanwhile US borders remain wide open for terrorists to walk across or fly across our borders.  Obama continues to put American soldiers and others at risk when he should fulfill his duties as President by protecting American citizens on US soil. He’s building a militarized police force on our own soil in the name Dept. of Homeland Security, the intent of which is not be to protect or secure American citizens but instead have the ability to control American citizens that disobey his mandates… while he simultaneously rams his unconstitutional amnesty for illegals (by fiat) down our throats granting them instant rights natural born citizens don’t have.  This will inundate our already broken welfare system adding millions to those who already get “free stuff” and elevate unemployment further.  Of course this is part of Obama’s plan to keep the indigent, ignorant and/or liberal progressive Democrats blindly voting for Democrats that continue to abuse the system and oppress those very people who keep them in power.
  • “It’s time for this country to have national policing… We can’t go from state to state, we’ve got to have national law to protect people against these continued questions.” ~ This attempted false narrative came from the lips of the “Reverend” and Race-baiting Opportunist Al Sharpton just minutes after the South Carolina police shooting.  Since it’s on video for the world to see we all know the cop performed a criminal act. Do we really need Sharpton chiming in?  No, but Sharpton subscribes to the big government model, where everyone “pays their fair share”, where everything is “free” to those choosing not to pay their fair share, and a racially bias system that protects only the “disenfranchised black population”…. only one’s color matters.  Forget the crime committed or the facts in the case, “Black Lives Matter”, right?  Well all lives matter and we know that. But Sharpton makes a living race-baiting and perpetuating racism, not fighting it.  Al Sharpton is one big “False Narrative”.

My wife’s 88 year old Grandmother called me a few minutes ago very upset about the ex-Air Force staff sergeant and Playboy model that interrupted a flag stomping at Valdosta State University during a supposed protest against racial inequality.   Grandma is fighting mad at how desecration of our flag can be allowed.   We discussed the First Amendment to the Constitution.  Congress passed the first Flag Protection Act in 1968; then 48 of 50 states passed their own statutes protecting the flag.  But in 1989 SCOTUS overturned every one of these statutes in Texas v. Johnson, 491 U.S. 397  as a violation of the 1st Amendment.   Congress responded by passing the 2nd Flag Protection Act but SCOTUS overturned that provision in United States v. Eichman, 496 U.S. 310 in 1990.  Their ruling doesn’t make it right by any standard.   It took a lot of courage for Michalle Manhart to stand in the gap where no one else was willing to stand.  Hats off for her answering this patriotic call.

Is there a false narrative being pushed here?  I think so.  The liberal media goes to great lengths to highlight the facts 1)Manhart posed for Playboy and 2)she was trespassing on campus.  Manhart trespassed and arrested for that crime.  But what about the actions of students desecrating our flag?  Where’s the discussion regarding the legality and constitutionality of these shallow and unpatriotic actions?  The false narrative is “Playboy Bunny Arrested At Protest….”.  The real question and real news story, “Constitutionality of Flag Desecration” is passed over.  The real news is diverted to the back of the bus and buried in tabloid chatter.   We, at the Daily News Fix, believe it’s time to challenge the 1990 ruling.  Our flag is a symbol of freedom and liberty to US citizens as it is to all countries of the world because We are the last hold out!  University students and most instructors are idealists.  There are far too many that never left campus masquerading as college professors with fat salaries and pensions and little in the way of responsibilities, funded in part by your tax dollars and free to push their Marxist views on young minds.   We, at The Daily News Fix, agree that cultural tolerance is a civilized way to conduct business.  But this is the United States of America, not Bangladesh.  “Don’t Tread On Me” or my beliefs.  As long as you and I stand idly by and watch this kind of nonsense take place, the leftist liberal progressive nut-jobs will continue to whittle away at your liberty.  As we have seen time and time again, Morality and Patriotism don’t count for much with the Justices presiding over the Supreme Court of the United States of America.   As Patriotic American Citizens, doing the right thing means everything and we can make a huge difference in the direction this country is headed.  

“Never surrender your rights, never give up, never shut up, and keep getting up.”  ~ John Nix & the Daily News Fix

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