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Could False Memory Syndrome Possibly Explain Ford’s Testimony?

WE have all been watching or listening to the Senate Confirmation hearings for Judge Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court of the United States. If you have tried to tune this whole charade out I’m sure you found it nearly impossible. The general consensus among Republicans is that Judge Kavanaugh is innocent of the alleged crime of sexual assault going back to his high school years when he was 17 years old. Ridiculous, I know, and I won’t replay it for you. You’ve heard the story. But you probably haven’t heard this.

“The evidence is fairly overwhelming that the majority (perhaps all) of the cases of alleged recovered memory of abuse are in reality cases of false memory syndrome produced by gross therapy malpractice, utilizing disproved techniques that violate basic rules of investigation and flagrantly disregard the potential for harm.” – False Memory Syndrome Alive and Well   (Steven Novella November 5, 2014)

Dr. Christine Blasey Ford is something to behold. As I watched the hearings I couldn’t help but notice she couldn’t keep her hair out of her face and her over-sized glasses painted a portrait of a quite disturbed woman. Maybe that’s the sympathetic image her attorneys, along with Senator Diane Feinstein were going for. I don’t know. 

She “passed” a polygraph test even though she couldn’t remember the day it was given. Passing a polygraph is not hard to do if one believes their own false memories because to the subject it is real.

I haven’t heard anyone mention False Memory Syndrome because this whole case wreaks of it. She has a sketchy memory and doesn’t know how she got to the supposed party or got home or where the house was exactly and none of the would-be witnesses corroborate her story. Amazing stuff.

I’m not a psychiatrist or psychologist but worked the with the mentally ill professionally for a number of years. It was recognizable that something was “off” with this woman and it led me to write this piece. So for what it’s worth, check out these links and decide for yourself. There are hundreds of articles and studies so have at it:

Written by:  John C. Nix  9/28/2018