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A “Free” Education On Losing Our Liberty

The leftist progressives and their POTUS Puppet, B. Hussein Obama, are gearing up in a big way for 2016.  Mid January you can expect a few major assaults our 2nd Amendment rights.

Emperor Obama will issue a decree across the lands (by executive order) that everyone “in the business” of selling firearms will be required to perform background checks. Federally licensed dealers are already required to run background checks through the FBI….. but what if Johnny wants to sell Sally a handgun or by some other private means?  Roughly 40% of the guns in America are currently bought and sold privately.

Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton is all for making it more difficult to exercise our 2nd Amendment rights. Obama aims to go out with a bang and push this agenda to the hilt. He’ll be remembered as not only the worst President fiscally, driving our national debt over 19 Trillion before leaving office, but also the most abusive when it comes to trashing our Constitutional rights.  He just doesn’t respect the our founding documents, the SUPREME LAW OF THE LAND.  He has no regard whatsoever for the citizens of the United States….. none. The National Rifle Association (NRA) believes that this or any move to further the gun control effort will eventually lead to confiscation or banning certain weapons and ammunition.

But anyone paying attention is aware of the invalidity of this liberal argument for gun control. Taking guns from law-abiding citizens doesn’t curb crime.  It makes us more vulnerable. We have posted statistic after statistic to prove death by firearm is pretty low on the totem pole of societal problems. The key word in gun control is CONTROL.

Take away the common man’s means of protection and the government has complete control of the common man.  And that’s what this is really about. 

California just passed legislation that will go into effect January 1, 2016 making it very easy to seize your guns by court order.  Here’s a likely scenario:

Kevin owns some weapons. His teenage son wants to borrow the car and Kevin says no since he’s failing High School and should be home studying. Kevin’s son decides to get back at Dad because the LAW (see here) now gives him that latitude.  He calls the cops and says, “I feel unsafe…. my Dad has a gun in the house and…. I feel unsafe”.  So a judge authorizes law enforcement to confiscate all Kevin’s weapons for a minimum of 21 days.  Kevin is treated like a criminal instead of a conscientious parent. He is forced to spend a lot of money on attorney fees to defend himself and restore his good name.  The value of the guns confiscated is less than the cost of fighting the State. The State wins and the guns are destroyed.

Now back to the Executive Order…….One problem with this whole thing is that Obama’s Executive Order isn’t really law at all. Congress makes law, not the POTUS.  The second problem is the majority of our society has no interest or concern as to what the POTUS can or can’t do…… as long as they keep getting “Free Stuff”.  Many of us know there is no such thing as FREE STUFF and we DO CARE about our rights being taken.  The third problem is that Hillary is going to win the Democratic nomination for President of the United States. She’s coming after our guns because, as mentioned, she will then have  total control over our behavior and our 1st Amendment rights.

We live in a society where the majority of the population are TAKERS NOT GIVERS. We have become slowly conditioned to accept the bastardization of this great Nation our fathers and grandfathers fought for so we might be free.  We really don’t know what it’s like to have our Liberty taken away from us.  Remember, Liberty comes from God, not man.  Be prepared to fight to keep it.  If Hillary Clinton wins in 2016 or Congress goes to the Democrats we’ll all get a FREE EDUCATION on the LOSS OF PERSONAL LIBERTY!



SCOTUS Doesn’t Have The Final Word ~ We The People Do!

My thoughts on the SCOTUS ruling this morning ~

Congress can “override”, repeal, replace, IF they believe ACA to be unconstitutional. That’s why we have checks and balances and SCOTUS does not have, nor did it ever have, the final word. Repeal.

“The framers of the Constitution designed the U.S. government so that each branch had a check on the others. In this way, no one branch would have absolute authority. Judicial review is the main way the Supreme Court can check the legislative branch’s power. If a case before the court raises a constitutional question, the justices may decide a law violates the Constitution. Congress then has the power to pass another law to override that court ruling. Of course that law, if challenged, would be subject to further judicial review…..The Supreme Court holds the power to interpret laws and declare them unconstitutional under the principle of judicial review. While Congress doesn’t technically have the power to overrule a Supreme Court decision, it can take actions to lessen, or even negate, the effect of a court ruling. Congress can thereby render the court’s interpretation obsolete, either by passing a new law or amending the old law to better achieve its original intent.”
~ Jennifer Mueller, Demand Media

This is not a new concept. The Constitution of the United States of America was ratified by North Carolina in 1789 with all states ratifying by May 29, 1790.  The framers still had the scent of gunpowder in their nostrils and knew first hand what the words “Tyrant” and “Oppressive Government” meant.  Their family members and friends died defending their God-given liberties and a freedom to worship.  They didn’t just write the Constitution they prayed over the words and it’s intent as is evidenced by these words:

“WE THE PEOPLE of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.”   Our forefathers secured Blessings and then Ordained these United States with those blessings through our Constitution.  I believe God was in it.

Our Congress has had the ability to repeal the ACA all along but have failed to do so. Instead they have done the politically expedient thing…. which means they have done nothing.  Where is God in their decisions?  Whose interests do they serve?

Will “We the People” allow our destiny as a nation to be defined by a few Marxists, liberal progressives, and students of Communism?  Not I.

Rafael Cruz ~ Faith & Politics

Senator Ted Cruz just announced his candidacy for President of the United States of America today, just after midnight, from Liberty University. I thought it appropriate to re-post this interview with Senator Cruz’s father, Rafael, a great man of faith, originally posted January 18th, 2015. I caught up with him at the South Carolina Tea Party Coalition Convention in Myrtle Beach, SC.