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To Win ~ Get Them On The Battlefield!

President Trump is my President. I proclaim that proudly and loudly and if you live in these United States of America he is also your President. But the mainstream media (MSM) doesn’t like your President and neither do some big political figures (mostly of the Democratic variety) and are threatened by President Trump’s very existence, much less the fact he is their President too!

Nothing about President Trump is conventional! He is a genius business magnate unafraid of obstacles. He has a reputation for getting the job done.

The left’s modus operandi is the same old trickery they’ve always used…… create chaos and confusion where there is none diverting attention away from the important matters and swaying popular opinion. It is also designed to keep our President from achieving his agenda.

Donald J. Trump was elected in a decisive victory by electoral college votes. My wife and I were at the Republican National Convention, where she was a Delegate pledged to Trump from day one. We also attended the Inauguration January 20th and other functions. There were many protesters, some paid. They couldn’t win the election fair and square so they are on the prowl, vicious and vindictive!  

I keep having visions of flesh eating zombies, the way these people behave!

These liberal progressive Democrats will do anything it takes to bring President Trump down. Because he is a populist, some first time voters expected immediate results when he took office. You know, just repeal Obamacare by mandate, shut down the EPA, the IRS, destroy ISIS in one week, kick all the Democrats out of Washington…. Drain The Swamp! Nothing happens RIGHT NOW! But it will happen.

If you listen to the wanna be pundits they’ll try to convince you President Trump needs to stop egging on  the liberals with midnight tweets and rogue statements. I disagree!

In order to defeat the enemy you must first identify the enemy. Once identified you lure them onto the battlefield for the kill. Trump is exposing his enemies so he can eliminate the obstacles to achieving his campaign promises. He’s just a whole lot smarter than these liberal nut jobs and they really hate that.

So it is our job as conservatives, assuming you are one, to counter the media hype and that of lying politicians. They all have motives mostly centered around power and money. 

Because, guess what, they are all getting paid to lie! Donald Trump threatens their livelihood and their lifestyle! Status quo is their goal, whereas Donald Trump’s is the opposite.  Trump wants to strengthen the economy and get Americans back to work. 

The shameful display that Rep. Al Green (D) LINKED put up in in the House chambers yesterday demanding the impeachment of our President  is only a diversionary tactic! Another one, Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D), aka “Fauxcahontas” wouldn’t know the truth if it came up an shook her hand! She’s been smoking the peace pipe too long and she’s being paid by special interest groups to push their agenda. They are the enemy!

Fire the Director of the FBI? Oh my! That takes cojones, amigo! But it shouldn’t if Comey is not to be trusted. These bureaucrats think they are untouchable.

MSNBC, NBC, CBS, ABC, and CNN are all paid to lie to the public. MSM wants to control the narrative and they do to a degree. They twist it like Playdough into the shape they want you to see. This is how they make a their money! They are threatened by President Donald J. Trump and his administration.

Hang on because it is going to get worse.

“Never surrender your rights, never give up, never shut up, and keep getting up!” ~ John Nix and the Daily News Fix

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Your Work Is Not Done

We had a benchmark historic election in North Carolina and nationally on November 8, 2016. Many are disappointed Governor Pat McCrory was not re-elected. There are questions looming as to why and further analysis by others will follow. The answer is multifaceted. We’ll do that in another piece.

Voter fraud was exposed, as never before. Will those caught red-handed be prosecuted and will the media cover it?

These felonious crimes need to be exposed but have a tendency to get buried. The last minute federal court reversal of the “Voter ID” bill opened the door for Democrats to promote mass confusion and chaos at polling sites with the same day registration provision. Ethics aside, these Alinsky tactics worked but not well enough this time!

Donald John Trump is our President elect and he is sure to stir things up inside the D.C. belt-line and across the nation.

For the naysayers, those that say his provocative manner and big ideas won’t work, allow me to remind you from whence he came.

He doesn’t beat around the bush and he listens to trusted sources that do what they do best. I look forward to the next four years. What a blessing and comfort it is to have real hope for our children and grandchildren and know they actually have chance to prosper. This was a battle worth fighting! On top of that, we have a Republican Congress to back the President moving forward.

Hold them accountable. It is your job and mine! Remember, this is a Republic, not a Democracy!

Eleven (11) of fifteen (15) NC State Court of Appeals judges are Republican. For the first time since Reconstruction we have a Republican Commissioner of Insurance, Mike Causey, at the helm in North Carolina and a new Republican face, Mark Johnson, leading as Superintendent of Public Instruction. Dale Folwell will serve as Treasurer. Dan Forest will serve his second term as Lt. Governor and will run for Governor in 2020.

But as soon as the dust settled on November 8th, a three judge panel decided it was best for us to have a special election under newly drawn House and Senate lines. They know what is best for you and me, right? Opening the door for more gerrymandering? Maybe? So we’ll have a bigger ballot in 2017 with freshly drawn lines, unless the appeal to the Supreme Court is heard, and won. Don’t you love these last minute Alinsky tactics? Don’t you love the fact that these appointees control your fate, only because they can?

crybabyThere is no time to rest, my Right-minded friends. While we have been celebrating, the progressive left is sharpening their spears and strapping on their armor. You might think I’m being melodramatic, but they are not happy campers and the nastiness will continue.


Our conservative ethics and morals, our Christian belief system, and our world view don’t lend themselves to surprise attacks and prostituting ourselves for a few pieces of silver. We believe in and promote lower taxes, smaller government, personal liberty (less government invention), just to name a few.

The Democratic party has become full blown socialist in their ideals. Just take a look at their platform. I was ridiculed by a long time Democrat leader in a reply by “letter to the editor” earlier this year for an editorial comparing the Republican and Democratic platforms. Righteous Democrat(s) attempting to defend their party just don’t have a leg to stand on. Their “party” has gotten away from them. For instance, how does one claim to be a Christian yet still support a party platform that promotes full term abortion? They say, “I’m a registered Democrat because my Daddy was, and his Daddy was….” Blah, blah blah. My questions to them would be, “Do you agree with full term abortion and a bloated oppressive government? How about open borders? Do you like the idea that roughly half of the population benefits from tax subsidies that you work to provide to them?” READ HERE

No time to rest. This is a time for preparation for the next battle against progressive liberals lying in wait. Seriously, do you think because Republicans won, these folks just accepted it? Nope. You’ll see more soon, like hoodlum NC NAACP President Rev. Wm. Barber marching on the North Carolina General Assembly and getting arrested all for self promotion and free publicity.hoodlum-barber

The Democrat party is the Party of Oppression, plain and simple. Keeping more people on subsidies like food stamps and welfare benefits their leadership. Government is their provider. Low income single mothers will tell you they are leveraged. It’s better financially to stay home and take care of the children. Why would they work and receive less. That is the fault of government and it’s leadership stemming from New Deal era politics and magnified by Johnson administration. george-sorosIt’s a Ponzi scheme low-life leeches like Barber thrive on. His funding sources, George Soros for one, are eaten up with vindictiveness after their loss. They’ll continue to pay Barber to stir the kettle and Barber will continue to line his own pockets with questionable special interest money.

The Democrats work to enslave as many as they can… slaves to the government and tax subsidies while Republican values are just the opposite. Democrats have “Progressively” put more bread on the table of those who will “play along”. Government has become their God. Government continues to take more and more from the honest, hard-working middle class base that wouldn’t think of taking what they didn’t work for. Despicable, but they must feed the machine that feeds them.

Welfare, food stamps and other subsidies are designed as a “hand up, not a hand out”. We have allowed this ethical shift over time. “It’s 100 miles into the woods and 100 miles out”, as they say. Let’s get to walking!


HB 405 To Be Reconsidered By NC House For Possible Override

Governor McCrory vetoed two bills last week.  The first came on May 28th when he vetoed SB2 which addresses an opt out for magistrates and register of deeds in performing services related to gay marriage.  See the Daily News Fix story on SB2 override.  The second, the focus of this article, came on the 29th, HB 405, an act with the intent of “protecting property owners from damages resulting from individuals acting in excess of the scope of permissible access and conduct granted them”.

HB 405 has become known as the “ag gag” bill because the opponents of this bill believe it will punish “whistle blowers” in exposing cases of animal cruelty in facilities such as poultry farms where past cases of undercover filming has taken place.  Videos have been taken of workers abusing birds.  “HB 405 has a “right of action” portion that would allow for the recovery of damages from any person, including an employee, who enters the non-public areas of an employer’s premises to capture data, paper, records or any other breach without authorization. This would include placing unattended cameras or electronic surveillance devices on the premises without authorization.”

While most citizens agree animal abuse has no place in any setting, backers of this bill have a desire to protect businesses  from employee and others stealing information or exposing trade secrets and work practices.  The North Carolina Animal Agriculture Coalition, represents over 79,000 jobs and over $17 billion.  But McCrory had other pressures.

A campaign was mounted by animal rights activists including celebrities weighing in with names like Martha Stewart, Andie McDowell, Leilani Munter, and someone named Kesha, were putting the thumb on Governor Pat to veto this bill, which is exactly what he did.

These “ag gag” laws are nothing new and at least two states are being legally challenged currently.  The bill extends to industries beyond agriculture.   The bill states, “Any person who intentionally gains access to the nonpublic areas of another’s premises and engages in an act that exceeds the person’s authority to enter those areas is liable to the owner or operator of the premises for any damages sustained. For the purposes of this section, “nonpublic areas” shall mean those areas not accessible to or not intended to be accessed by the general public”  There is no mention of any one industry or service and the focus of this bill, as worded, is  to protect business privacy and for recovery of damages.  The NC House will reconsider HB405 along with SB2 tomorrow, June 3rd at 2:00 pm.  SB2 has cleared the Senate and needs three-fifths majority from the house to become law.

Rally Intertwines Racial and Environmental Justice ~ Something Smells

Thumbing trough my local paper Sunday, I came across a full-page ad paid for by the Waterkeeper Alliance regarding a “RALLY FOR RACIAL AND ENVIRONMENTAL JUSTICE” with the hashtag #RaiseAStink.  This peaked my attention of course, so I called the number listed for Lower Neuse Riverkeeper (252) 637-7972 and spoke with my “source”.  It seems the Waterkeeper Alliance, the NC Environmental Justice Network, and the NAACP are working together.

The Rally will be held on Wednesday, May 13 from 11 AM to 1 PM on Halifax Mall adjacent to the Legislature building in Raleigh.  Featured keynote speakers are Reverend Dr. Gerald Durley, who also believes “Climate Change” is a civil rights issue…. really.  Also speaking is Reverend Curtis Gatewood with the NC NAACP.  Finally, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. with Waterkeeper Alliance will address the crowd.  Mr. Kennedy is a Harvard grad attorney who specializes in high profile environmental litigation.  Quite the ensemble.

In discussing the intent of this rally I asked what racial justice had to do with environmental justice.  It was stated that industries like poultry processing plants and large swine production facilities tend to set up in poor counties and in “Non-white communities with a lot of blacks and Hispanics or communities of color“.  I pointed out to my source the obvious; it is both a demographic and statistical fact that agricultural communities are made up of higher percentages of blacks and Hispanics.  Acknowledging this, my source stated this population in particular could be taken advantage of saying “it wouldn’t be allowed in a golfing community” and further adding, “The whole idea is not without controversy, but the impacts on poor and relatively powerless people from the placement of facilities is real.”

For the record, I don’t want our water polluted with ammonia from urine, air pollutants emitted from factories nor do I want fecal contaminants flowing into streams.   That goes without saying.  I also recognize that each community has the opportunity to vet these large producers or processing plants prior to allowing them to set up shop. Furthermore, these plants often set up in communities that need jobs.  Elected leaders in county and city government have ample opportunity to analyze the benefits or detriments to their community.  The citizens’ interest is protected by these elected officials by design.  That’s what makes us a Republic, not a Democracy.  No industry just sets up shop.  In fact, many tax incentives have been paid for these industries to “come to town”.

My source continuously referenced the Warren County PCB Landfill in discussion.  In 1978 approximately 69% of Warren County’s population was “non-White”.  The reference states, “During the six-week trucking opposition, with collective nonviolent direct action, which included over 550 arrests, Warren County citizens mounted… “the largest civil disobedience in the South since Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., marched through Alabama.”   In the case of Warren County, Democrat Governor, Jim Hunt’s mishandling of these toxins was the real issue and it had nothing to do with minorities.  See information on this rally here:  Rally

Trying to put a racial spin on hog and chicken waste just stinks to high heavens.  Instead of focusing on educating minorities, job skills training, traditional family values, and weening people of all color from government subsidies, this looks to be another tool special interest groups are using to get their way.  Yes, we all must have clean water and air to live.  Using the “RACE” moniker to create any false narrative is immoral and unclean.